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"Sad is not the land that has no hero. Sad is the land that needs a hero."

you could say she’s been… booked

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I can’t with this
he looks about twenty years younger
i want the beard back

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i yearbooked

i yearbooked hard

have some pines twins, grades 9-12

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By the way, please don’t tweet or send my tumblr posts or fan fics to any of the cast or crew. I understand the impetus to do so, sometimes I’ve seen a gif and thought oh ho I’d love Moftiss to see that, but no. No. Unless the creator specifically tells you, yes, just no.

This should be a /given/

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its really hard to make  a lego’s death dramatic

Is he dying because he has been stabbed by a banana?



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9 has no time for your philosophizing.

nine is tired of your crap

Nine was the sassiest. 

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to scroll past this gifset without reblogging.

Can we also appreciate Rose please? She’s like his back up sassyness and being all “Bitch please, not today.”

is that simon pegg

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Various Jehan and Grantaire headcanons


This goes for R/Jehan pairing or BroTP or fwb or whatever.

—Grantaire and Jehan both deal with depression. Jehan is more likely to have periods of mania, while Grantaire is just always low.

—They understand each other really well. They’re both self-destructive but in very different ways, so they’re able to support each other and help each other out. They know what to say and do and how to act around each other.

—They really try to do good things to each other and make each other happy because they’re both constantly thinking “I don’t want you to be sad like me”, so it works in both their favours.

—While Grantaire knows how to get some stuff, Jehan is the one who has some fantastic drug connections and knows where to get the really high quality stuff. So he and Grantaire like to chill out on the couch and get high a lot. This is includes shotgunning and discussing the meaning of life whilst stoned.

—It also includes the occasional dropping of acid, during which they pulling out various canvases and paints and notebooks and write or draw to their hearts’ content.

—Grantaire tends to mostly wear dark colours, especially black and grey and green, but on good days Jehan will convince him to wear brighter clothes or will put a brightly coloured pair of gloves or socks or a hat on him and it makes Grantaire happy to see Jehan happy around him.

—They use each other as artistic inspiration. Grantaire paints Jehan a lot, or has Jehan read him his poetry and paints what that inspires. Jehan uses Grantaire’s artist talent as an inspiration for his poetry, or using Grantaire’s pervading sadness as an inspiration to write something uplifting and beautiful to read to him.

—Sometimes Grantaire comes home to find Jehan dancing in the living room, reams and reams of poetry scattered about on the sofa and coffee table and floor. No matter what mood he’s in, watching Jehan swaying to the music with his eyes closed makes him feel better and eventually he’ll cross the room and take Jehan’s hands or pull him close and they’ll dance together for a little while before Jehan goes back to his poetry and Grantaire goes off to do whatever.

—And sometimes Grantaire comes home to find Jehan lying on his side in bed, staring into space with tear tracks on his face. And he won’t say anything, won’t ask what’s wrong because he knows half the time there isn’t anything specifically wrong, doesn’t ask if Jehan has gotten up at all or eaten or whatever. He just crawls in bed next to him and wraps his arms around him and if Jehan flinches away and doesn’t want to be touched he lets go and just lies beside him in bed without touching him but just being with him. And if he does want to be held, then Grantaire wraps himself around Jehan and kisses his hair and tangles their fingers together and recites poetry to him quietly.

—Sometimes Jehan wakes up in the night to find Grantaire painting furiously. It’s almost always dark stuff with zero direction, just Grantaire breathing hard past anxiety and the restless ache of depression and needing some way to get it out and Jehan makes him hot cocoa and sets it down next to him and then wraps his arms around him from behind so that Grantaire can continue to work but just Jehan’s presence and touch is enough to calm him down and slow the fervor of his painting.

—Jehan taught Grantaire how to knit and now they knit together and use it as a sort of therapy. (Okay I blatantly stole this one from thisdoorcanbeopened but it’s fucking brilliant and beautiful so neh.)

—They’re number 1 on speed dial for each other, and they’ll always drop everything in order to help the other out of a panic attack, or pick them up from somewhere, or come home with treats if they’re having a low day, or rush home if they’re having negative thoughts and urges, or whatever. They’re always there for each other.

—Jehan has a brown tabby with a missing tooth that he adopted as a stray and named Prufrock (yup). It’s terrified of or hates everyone except Jehan himself and Grantaire. They don’t even know why because the first time any of the Amis met the cat, they were all at Jehan’s for a random get-together and they were all sitting on the couch together and Prufrock just made a beeline for Grantaire and sat on his lap and swiped at anyone else who tried to pet him.

—They both understand relapses and understand that sometimes things can’t be helped and it’s not really anyone’s fault. They both try to avoid things that will make that happen but they also understand when it does happen and when one of them relapses the other is sure to be there as support and as an understanding shoulder to cry on, to clean up the blood or hold back hair or hide the scale or hold through the shakes or whatever. But they both know that they’re not going to leave each other and that they have a solid system of support within each other.

—They like to go exploring and walking together. Sometimes it’s UrbEx, sometimes it’s wandering in the woods. They also love to just go out and walk around at night, talking about nothing and everything.

—Grantaire spends a lot of time just sitting around the house reading or drawing or (if he’s feeling down) doing nothing. And Jehan will sit down and write all over his arms or legs or neck. Sometimes it’s original poetry, sometimes it’s other people’s poetry, and sometimes it’s just messages to Grantaire about why he’s good or beautiful or reasons to be alive and happy and why people love him.

—Jehan constantly finds new music CDs or packets of seeds or books of poetry around the house from Grantaire, who just smiles softly and kind of blushes when he thanks him.

-Jehan is very thin, though he’s got a ton of muscle. Grantaire is decidedly not thin. Both of them get really self conscious about their body size in various ways but the other one is always there to cheer them up and give them a pep talk and reassure them about how beautiful they are and how they’re so beautiful just how they are and they don’t need to change.

—Jehan is actually a very skilled fighter, since he used to do kung fu and he and Grantaire both do Capoeira, and Grantaire boxes, so they sometimes push the furniture in the living room to the walls and spar to music. They always end up lying in a tangle of limbs, laughing.

—They love the really dark stuff so they always end up watching horror movies or weird stuff the others won’t watch. Or they’ll collect animal bones and things, or try out new bizarre art ideas together, or just discuss really strange/gross/dark things that the others don’t really want to talk about.

—They have an ongoing double solitaire competition that they’ve been tallying for two years. Grantaire is winning. (And yes double solitaire is a game it’s great.)

—Grantaire has the exact opposite of a green thumb but with Jehan’s help he’s managed to keep a fern alive for a year and a half. Jehan has dozen of plants but Grantaire doesn’t dare to touch them because he might be cursed.

—Grantaire sometimes writes poetry but Jehan is the only one who gets to read it. Jehan sometimes paints and Grantaire keeps every one in his room.

—They have matching tattoos on the inside of the left wrist (both are left-handed, btw) because they know without the other they probably wouldn’t be alive.

I’m sure there are more and I will add them as I think of them.

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